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Video scene


Art gallery


Place hotspots and mark different areas that you want to emphasise. Hotspot can be icons, text, HTML (images, videos, audio, iframe etc..) and can be placed anywhere in the scene. Hotspots can lead to another scene (room), open point of interest (popups or lightbox with more information) and look into another part of the scene.

Embeded hotspots

Create embedded interactive hotspot and place content (images, audio, video, iframes, HTML..) directly on the scene.

Hotspot popovers

Display content inside hotspot popovers. Popovers can appear on hotspot click or hover. Then can be positioned above, left, right or bottom of a hotspot. Popovers can contain any HTML content including video, audio, Youtube, Vimeo, iframe etc. Popover can automatically open and can be limited to one or multiple to be shown at the time.

Lightbox content

Display content inside fullscreen lightbox. Open lightbox on hotspot click and show and content inside (video, audio, Youtube, Vimeo, iframe etc)

Floor maps

Create floor maps for each tour. Maps can contain multiple levels, and pins leading to different scenes or locations. Maps are zoomable, scrollable and resizable, making them perfectly usable even on small screens.

Search panel

Search accordion panel contains searchable list of all active scenes and hotspots in current tour. Use search panel to guickly navigate to any location in current tour.

Restrict access

Restict access to individual scenes or hotspots uisng user roles or user ID(s).

Password protected scenes / hotspots

Restict access to individual scenes or hotspots with password.


Create video adverts between each scene. Select user roles, user ID(s) which can view scene without adverts.

Social sharing and embedding

Share favorite songs on most popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, etc... Embed tour on another websites using iframe. Share link to tour using url query string parameters.

Multilanguage interface for WordPress

Translate tour to different languages both in admin area and on the front page.

Admin UI builder

Admin UI builder enables you to create virtual reality tours easily with an user frindly interface, preview generator and multiple tools at your disposal.

Detailed tour statistics for WordPress version

Detailed statistics for tours, scenes, hotspots. View top viewed tours, top viewed scenes per tour and top hotspot interactions, including user data.

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WordPress version