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Features list

See some of the ever growing list of this plugin features and options

Desktop, mobile and tablet support

Player will addapt to any screen size and any device, wheater you are watching video on your desktop browser or on your mobile phone. Responsive breakpoints allow for player to adjust to different screen sizes.


Only one video mp4 format required to display your videos across all platforms and devices using smart technologies all in one package.

Packed with features

Player is packed with a huge amount of features and customization options from different skins, color customization, social sharing, API, subtitle support, multiple video quality support, multilanguage live streaming support, private / password protected videos and much more.

Install in minutes

Very easy to include video player in your project. Featuring advanced documentation with sample demo pages ready for use.

Youtube and Vimeo streaming

Play Youtube and Vimeo videos. No API key required and no API limitations.

Audio and image support

Besides videos, player can also show images and audio files, which makes this full blown multimedia gallery.


Many included layouts and skins make this player unique for displaying videos on your website, and allowing developers even more customization.

User friendly admin

Wordpress admin offers intuitive interface with lots of configurable options allowing users to fully utilize this player features. Player also comes with many predefined demos ready to use.

Constant development and updates

Once purchased, player comes with access to support and free updates.

360 Virtual reality

Display 360 Virtual reality 360 videos and images inside this player.

Live streaming

Support for Apple HLS and MPEG DASH live streaming, adaptive bitrate with subtitles and multilangauge audio support.

Password protected videos

Restrict content access and protect your videos from being watched without valid authorization.

Gutenberg editor support

Compatible with Wordpress Gutenberg editor.

Widget support

Include player as widget anywhere in your theme.

Full source code included

Our plugins have full source code included, so developers can modify and extend the code even further and have full potential of each product.

WordPress Video shortcode

Quickly generate shortcode for the video with all new video shortcode editor. No need to create a player any more beforehand. Just copy paste standalone shortcode in page.

WordPress Player shortcode

Quickly generate shortcode for the player with all new player shortcode editor. No need to create a player any more beforehand. Just copy paste standalone shortcode in page.

WordPress API shortcodes

Shortcode generator for player API (Application Programming Interface). Want to add a button in page for pause / play video, mute or enter fullscreen? Just create an api shortcode and paste in page. API shortcodes allow much more than basic actions (settings like pause, play, mute, random, video loop etc). Its also possible to load new video or a new playlist (collection of videos) in the player on runtime (while the player is playing) using new shortocde generator for the player API methods.

Video embedding in Wordpress plugin

Automatically generate video player embed code and embed a player on other websites. Its possible to embed player with a whole playlist or just with a single video. Embedding is automatically generated for a Wordpress plugin.

HTML code generator

Javascript plugin version includes code generator. This way you can quickly generate code for the player and videos for your webpage without writing HTML code manually.

In detail

See some of the ever growing list of this plugin features and options

Desktop, mobile and tablet support

Player will adapt to any screen size and any device, wheater you are watching video on your desktop browser or your mobile phone. Responsive breakpoints allow for player to adjust to different screen sizes.

Video, audio and image support

Player supports all multimedia formats, from HTML5 videos to Youtube and Vimeo platforms, Apple HLS and MPEG DASH Live Streaming, Virtual reality 360 videos and images, to audio and images.

Mixed content

Playlist sources can contain mixed content, which means you can have self hosted videos, Youtube videos and images all in the same playlist.

External platforms

Display content from many external sources including Amazon S3, Google drive, or any public link that can play in a browser.

Theater mode

Theater mode allows to view your video in a large player without going into full screen.

Right click context menu

Right click context menu can be browser default one, customized to different controls or completely disabled.

Only one video format required for all browsers and devices

You only need one video format in mp4 to display your videos across all platforms and devices.

Password protected videos

Protect your videos from being watched without a password.

Video preview poster

Display image poster before or after any video, Youtube or Vimeo video plays.

Preview thumbnails

Show video preview thumbnail when hovering over progress seekbar.

Preserve bandwidth

Option to display poster instead of video on mobile devices to save bandwidth.

Subtitles support

Display subtitles in any language for any self hosted video, Youtube of Vimeo video. Subtitle support come in vtt and srt format.

Lightbox mode

Serve player as lightbox which opens above your content to focus viewer attention to video.

API methods and function

Player comes with built in full API support for controlling playback (toggle playback, seek to specific video time, control volume, jump to different video, load new video or playlist etc..).

Callback events

Player offers support for custom events during playback (video start, video end, pause, play, enter theater, fullscreen etc..)

Replace wordpress default video player

Player can replace wordpress default video player (for self hosted, youtube, vimeo) and serve your videos in custom skin.

Query string support

Use query string to provide player settings and create playlist from query string parameters.

Custom css

Player supports custom css and its automatically saved in database.

Autoplay in viewport

Autoplay video only when player enters viewable area. Works like Facebook video timeline where each video is played when it enters viewable area and paused again when it exits. Works with multiple videos in the page.

Minimize on page scroll

Minimize player to bottom on page scroll when player exits viewable area.

Playback rate

Change video playback rate using menu selector.

Multiple video qulity

Support for multiple video qualities plus option to define playback quality for mobile browsers.

Any video frame as poster

Define any video frame as poster which is shown on start.


Remember playback position and provide welcome screen where user can choose to resume video form last watched position or start from beginning.

Multiple instances

Support for multiple video players in the same page.

Swipe to advance

Swipe video to advance to next or previos video in playlist.

Media end action

Specify what to do when each video finishes, loop video, rewind to video start, show video poster or open web url link.

Picture in picture

Picture in picture allows you to watch videos in a floating window (always on top of other windows) so you can keep an eye on what you are watching while interacting with other sites, or applications.

Player ratio

Specify player ratio to fit your videos, and make each player perfect size for your videos.

Media aspect ratio

Present your videos inside the player in any of 3 available modes (original / fit-inside / fit-outside).

Social sharing

Share your videos into favorite social networks like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and more.

Player logo

Specify your image logo or watermark which can be shown in the player.

Customizable controls

Player controls can be customized in such way that every button in the player is optional, and can be turned on or off, depending on the requirements.

Different skins

Player comes with many different skins to choose from and even allows skinning for Youtube and Vimeo videos. No more annoying Youtube controls.

Any icons

Icons in player can be anything, from inline SVG, font icons (like Font Awesome, Material icons, Ionicons...) to image icons. Very easy to change icons in the player to your own just by modifing player html.

Unmute button

Display unmute button over the player to enable user to easy unmute currently playing video.

Caption state

Allow user to toggle caption on/off with closed captioning button and save last used video caption in browser.

Highly customizable with HTML and CSS

By using the basic css skills, player can be restyled into pretty much anything! You can add your own HTML anywhere in the player and style with with css!

Blob videos

Play blob videos to protect and preventing downloading of videos.