Light skin

Dropdown style filtering, works as accordion (auto close opened accordion).


Dark skin

Pill style filtering, grid style song list with pagination.


Dark skin

Dropdown style filtering.


Dark skin

Pill style filtering, works on demand. First select all filters, then click apply.

Custom sort lists

Using predefined song search functionality, user can sort song list by title, artist, duration, song creation date, popular (with song statistics) directly from the search menu.

Fixed bottom player

Optional fixed player at page bottom which is connected to song list. When song is started, fixed player will appear at the bottom of the page allowing for easy assess to current playing song. It contains a copy current active sound wave. Fixed player behaves as sticky and is always staying at page bottom regardless of page scroll. It can be minimized with a button.

Fixed player at page bottom can handle multiple playlists in the page, meaning you can have multiple song lists in page and all can be played in single sticky fixed player at the page bottom.

Custom search

Search filters directly using included search feature. Search songs by title / artist or by keywords directly. User can directly search for any song details (title, artist, description, keywords)

Smart waveform creation

When songs are uploaded in WordPress backend, audio waveforms will automatically be created for each song. This process is done only once in the plugin backend area and everytime a player is shown on the front page, waveforms are drawn automatically for all songs without any delay. Waveforms are drawn using HTML canvas and no other plugin is required to create waveforms. For javascript version, waveform generator is included.

Synchronized song lyrics

Lyrics can be attached to songs which is automatically synchronized with playing music. Lyrics window will show formatted text lyrics and autoscroll as song plays. User can use lyrics dialog to navigate through song sections. Lyrics can contain custom formatting.

Song details

Song detail can contain many useful information including custom buttons with any permalinks. Icons include (song relevant keywords, lyrics dialog, song download link, add to collection, save button, share song).

Custom playlist icons

Create any number of icons in playlist for any song and specify icon type (svg, img, font icons...) and add icon url and target. Player can directly embed Font Awesome icons, but you can also add svg or img as icon source.

Song filtering

Create filters of different kind to filter songs on the front page. Filters can be textual based (example keywords, genres etc..) single or 2 level with categories, number based (example song duration, sales count, bpm etc..), radio (one choice from multiple options), boolean type true / false (example is song on sale, is song looped etc..), date filter (filter songs by created date).

Query string

Once filters are selected, copy url with generated filters and use this to link a new gallery with selected filter tags.


3 types of pagination available (numbered buttons, load more button or load more songs as user scrolls down the page).

Managing playlists in WordPress

Playlist can be created by butch uploading songs multiple files in an automated manner either from WordPress media library or from a folder of songs located on the server. During this process, song metadata is going to be retrieved using ID3 tags and audio waveforms are automatically going to be created for each song.

Multilanguage interface for WordPress

Translate player to different languages both in admin area and on the front page.

Shortcode parameters for WordPress version

Shortcode generator enables quick access to shortcode. You can define which playlist to load on which page using shortcodes. This enables to reuse the same player on multiple pages and each player can contain different playlists inside. You can also use shortcode with all parameters and change individual shortcode parameters later.

Detailed song statistics for WordPress version

Detailed song statistics for each playlist. View top plays of the day, week, month. Top plays last X days. View top song statistics for related time period in both visual graph and sortable table list.

Desktop, mobile and tablet support

Gallery will addapt to any screen size and any device (desktop, mobile, tablets). Responsive breakpoints allow for gallery to adjust to different screen sizes.

Packed with features

Plugin is packed with a huge amount of features and customization options from different layouts, skins, color customization, social sharing, grid adjustments.. Every element in the gallery can be turned on or off.

Install in minutes

Very easy to include gallery in your project. Featuring advanced documentation with sample demo pages ready for use.

Multiple Instances

Support for multiple instances of the gallery in the same page.

HTML5 audio support

Support for modern and most popular audio formats (like mp3, wav, flac, aac...) in all browsers and devices.

Smart loading

Waveforms are created automatically and saved in wordpress backend and they provide instant load when song are played in the player.

Lyrics support

Display scrollable song lyrics while song is playing.

Audio preview

Option to display short preview version of a song for non logged in users.

Dynamic shortcodes

Configurable player options in shortcode parameters.

Multiple skins

Player comes with multiple skins suitable for different website background.

Google Analytics

Player implements Google Analytics which lets you measure your advertising status as well as track your audio and social networking sites and applications.

Bulk song import

Player support importing multiple songs at once. Import whole playlist in single action.

Genres and keywords

Create playlists based on different genres and keyword descriptions. Attach categories and tags to each song in playlist and display filterable playlists in page. Filter songs based on genres, keywords etc.... This feature is optional and player can be used without it.

Audio statistics

Detailed song statistics for each playlist. View top plays of the day, week, month. Top plays last X days. Top song downloads for related time period.

Social sharing

Share favorite songs on most popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, etc...


Song list can have pagination applied using endless scroll to bottom or with LOAD MORE button.

Animation effects

Song list creation can be animated for nicer user experience when new songs are added using pagination or search filter is used.

Javascript powered

Written in plan Javascript which means it will run fast in your website and will not interfere with other scripts.

Constant development

Once purchased, player comes with access to professional support and free updates.

Free support and Updates

Plugin is always under development, frequently updated and continues to offer more features and improvements with each new release. Stay tuned and keep in touch.

Detailed documentation

Fully documented and step-by-step guide provided to help you get up and running with this gallery in no time.

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